BW Bid Off

- Make it Personal Again

The newest feature added to the BW family of firsts.
This feature is the best choice for those sellers who wish to conduct a Phone Bid Off/ Pasture Bid Off style sale.
The seller is in complete control of this style of sale.
  • As Seller you set the start time
  • As Seller you decide when the site will close
  • As Seller you determine how the buyers are to make payment
  • As Seller you can self-collect 100% of the funds
  • OR Breeders World can collect funds
  • It’s your choice
How it works
  • The Seller picks a start date
  • Call BW Office to get it on the calendar
  • 10 days prior to start date the seller sends BW Office Sale Template (Calf Info), Pictures and video links
  • After BW Loads initial info the seller will have access to make changes in the new consignor portal
Time to start BW Bid Off
  • Seller Logs into their consignor portal
  • As the seller receives calls you will log those bids into the consignor portal for each lot
  • Click the start button
  • BW will require each bidder to register on
  • After buyer has registered they should verify their cell phone to get text updates
  • When the seller receives a bid, simply go to that lot

    • The seller  will need Last name, City and phone number the bidder registered with
    • From the drop down select the bidders name
    • Enter the amount of the bid and click place bid
View Each Lot info
  • Click the arrow to expand the lot
  • The seller  will see the entire list of previous bidder name, city and phone
What happens when a new bid is placed?
  • The seller will enter the new bid
  • The previous winning bidder will get a text and email notification that they have been out bid.
  • This feature will limit the number of calls a seller will needs to make. Buyers can simply text or call the seller to place a new bid.
When all bids are placed and seller is ready to end the sale
  • Log into consignor account
  • Click “End”
  • Notify your BW Rep or the main office
  • Buyers will get an invoice emailed at the end of the sale
  • If BW is to collect funds you will get periodic updates as those payments are collected