Breeders World does not accept check information over the phone because current law requires businesses to verify ACH accounts before processing transactions. To set up ACH/Electronic Check payments with Breeders World, customers need to follow these steps:

1. Log into your account on the BW Final Drive website.

2. Navigate to the ACH tab.

3. Click on "Add ACH Account" and provide all the required information.

4. Click "Add" to add the ACH account.

5. Wait for a few hours up to 2 days, during which 2 MICRO deposits (deposits under $1.00) will be made to the customer's bank account.

6. Once the 2 deposits are visible in the customer's bank account, they should return to their Auction Account.

7. In the ACH tab, enter the amounts of the 2 Micro Deposits in the provided boxes and click "Verify."

8. After the account is successfully verified, customers can go to their invoice and select ACH as the payment method for future purchases.

This verification process ensures that the ACH account is legitimate and is associated with the customer's bank account, complying with the current legal requirements before any ACH transactions can be processed.