Shatto Show Cattle Bid Off

Shatto Show Cattle Bid Off

Shatto Show Cattle Bid Off

BW BID OFF: This feature is handled by the seller. To place a bid you must first have an active account with Breeders World. You will contact the seller via phone call or text to place your bid. You will need to give the seller the name on the Breeders World account, your city and phone number.

If you have verified your cell number you will receive an alert via text and/ or when you are out bid. You will then contact the seller again if you wish to place another bid.

Contact Consignors for any Questions or to make delivery arrangements:

A deposit of 50% will be due within 7 days of auction close and payment in full will be required upon pick up, or July 1st, whichever occurs first. 

We will guarantee a live calf at pick up date. In event of an unexpected death we will refund your deposit in full. There is no guarantee of disposition, soundness, or fertility. 

Pickup expected on or near July 1st, 2023. We recommend this date for the best calf maturity at weaning. There will be a fee for keeping them after July 8th of $10.00 per day. 

If you purchase a prospect bull calf and want him left intact as a young bull you will need to let seller know via text message or in writing of some kind by 10 days after the sale, otherwise all bull calves will be assumed to be made a steer.